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Does Salt Melt Snow?

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Question: Does Salt Melt Snow?
Top Answer (96% of 31 votes): Yes.

Yes, salt can help melt snow because salt lowers the freezing temperature. The sodium and the chloride in the salt displace molecules in the water and make it more difficult to freeze. However, salt is only effective to 16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: Salt melt snow and ice at a temperature above 10 degrees F.
B- Sharp Property Maintenance
Answer: Yes
Explanation: The colder it gets the less moisture is available to activate the salt. Below 15 salt really slows down, spraying liquid brine while spreading salt will work much better in these temperatures. The sun also gives better results in temperatures below 15.
SnowPlowingPa / KXC Inc.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: This, however, is more of a yes and no answer. While salt may melt snow, it varies on many different variables on how it does and how to go about when doing it. We pre-treat 97% of our properties with salt-brine to be sure to save in salt usage both before, during and after the event. So while yes it does melt snow, we use the mentality we don't throw salt at the snow and hope it goes away. We use several different means to make sure less is better.
Xtreme Snow Pros
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes it does help with melting snow and ice
Answer: Yes
Explanation: General Maintenance
Answer: Yes
Explanation: With a strong background in chemistry I can say that yes salt will lower the freezing point of water melting snow if conditions are right. There are many different salts that have their own benefits and drawbacks. Some are safer to use around pets and some that will be less harmful to concentrate. The most cost efficient is rock salt.
Dick's Snow Removal
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Fadt
Brumhigh construction
Answer: Yes
Explanation: it is from the heat of the salt that melts the snow
DJ Allens
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes and No depending on the depth. A light coating will melt away
FJS Property Services, LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: So you can say that salt lowers the freezing point of water. ... The dissolved salt will also prevent the melted ice (now water) from refreezing. But if temperatures fall to 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below, the salt cannot melt the ice—it has reached its freezing point.
Timberworx Tree and Landscaping
Answer: No
Explanation: Salt lowers the freezing point of water.
David's Handyman Services
Answer: Yes
Explanation: This Topic has more than one answer. For temps above 20 degrees F Salt works fine however, when the temps drop below 20F Salt by itself is no longer effective and you must use an additive such as Calcium Chloride for example to effectively melt snow as it has exothermic properties as it melts. (It puts off heat as it dissolves in the snow).
ProTrans Builders & Development
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Snow is made up of micro sized ice crystals, salt melts ice. This is why when storms start and there is not enough to plow you will see your city trucks throwing salt, as a first strike against the storm.
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